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Scapple Out of Beta

Added on by Scott Cline.

Scapple from Literatuer and Latte (same makers of Scrivener 2 is out of beta and was offiically released a few weeks ago. I wrote, when it was still in beta, about how I have been using Scapple as a group brainstormning tool and I have been using it even more since it made it out of beta.

It is a great free-flow brainstorming app that I have been using for research projections, group brainstorming on a large screen, or just to get a bunch of random ideas out of my head. If it was on the iPad I would be using it even more.[1]

There is educational pricing on their website or you can download it from the App Store at the regular price.

  1. I am still heavily using iThoughtsHD on the iPad for brainstorming and thinking.  ↩