The intersection of technology, research, financial aid and student access in higher education


From time to time, I have been know to do  consulting work in the area of higher education, enrollment management, finanical aid, and student access. I have extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative approaches to answer student access, enrollment management and financial aid program questions, needs assessment and future planning.

I have worked on projects to develop complex data models in order to project changes and answer questions in the area of financial aid and enrollment management. I bring to the table knowledge of financial aid regulations and current trends within enrollment management and student access. I have spent my career designing and implementing student center financial aid approaches that meet student and institutional needs and objectives.

Often consulting work is in the area of financial aid, student access, and enrollment management research through collaborative projects with other reserachers and organizations.

If you have have a project in mind or would like to discuss a possible collaborative reserach or consulting project, please use the contact form or email