The intersection of technology, research, financial aid and student access in higher education


I am the Vice President of Enrollment Management at California College of the Arts. Perviously, I have worked at Stanford University and Chapman University. I am honored to be the current Past President of the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Vice President of the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

I earned a Doctor of Education degree from San Francisco State University in Educational Leadership and Administration, a Master of Arts in Education Leadership and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Honors and Political Science from Chapman University.

I do research in the areas of financial aid, higher education finance, and enrollment management. I have also consulted with a number of organizations and non-profits on educational projects in the area of financial aid, enrollment management, and systems.

I believe that all students, no matter their background or previous experience, deserve equal access to education at all levels. Education is a true equalizer. This is something I work for everyday.

In my "spare time" I write about the intersection of technology, the process of research, financial aid, student access and the state of higher education on the blog.. Sometimes random asides appear too along with pictures of his "office".

You can catch me on twitter as @scottcline, Instagram, or contact me. You can also follow the blog's twitter feed @scottclineorg or subscribe to the RSS feed.

I call San Francisco my home with his much more talented wife, daughter, and golden retriever.