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iPads at Admissions and Financial Aid Conferences

Added on by Scott Cline.

My completely unscientific, bias-based survey of the major admissions and financial aid conferences sees nearly everyone touting an iPad. General findings from this “study”:

  1. More people on the admissions side are carrying iPads, espeically those on the recruitment/travel side, then financial aid people. Probably a result of the amount of travel.
  2. Most people who have an iPad also have a keyboard for it. The big favorites are the ZAGGfolio and the Logitech Ultrathin. Most colleges and universities are still PC based, but are willing to buy iPads. College and unviersity purchased laptops still tend to be on the large and heavy side. Would they all be better served by just buying their admissions poeple MacBook Airs (in either 13 inch of 11 inch versions)?
  3. Not sure how much the iPads are being used for taking notes/ideas in conference sessions or just answering email.
  4. Only seen one or two iPad minis at conferences since their release last fall. I wonder if their will be a shift (long-term) or the original-sized iPad is the prefered size.

In full disclosure, I travel with a 13 inch MBA and a full-sized Retina iPad. But with both of these, I can go “light” with just the iPad on economy-seated airplanes and in conference sessions and still have the laptop that I can do everything as if I am in the office. Last, by using the Satechi remote (via Amazon Affliate link), my full presenting rig is (iPad, dock-to-VGA connector and the remote).[1] See the picture from before my presentation at College Board Western Forum.

  1. David Sparks wrote a great how-to for connecting the Satechi remote to an iPad via Bluetooth to make this light presenting rig.  ↩