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How I use Evernote - Katie Floyd

Added on by Scott Cline.

Kaite Floyd - How I use Evernote

This Thursday was a strange day after the Forth of July holiday in the US yesterday. It almost felt like Monday to me for most of the morning. It was to a point that I loaded Instacast and was a little confused not to find a new Mac Power Users episode. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Thursday and not Monday.

As if making up for this fact, Katie Floyd, the second half of the dynamic duo on Mac Power Users, posted her article on how she uses Evernote. While she has hinted at much of this over the course of this last year on Mac Power Users, it is great to see it in one place, finally written up.

Katie's post a few weeks ago, Revisiting Evernote and Paperless (Updated Hazel Rule) with an update to her Hazel rule that moved files from the download folder to a specific notebook in Evernote based on the type of file, finally made the jump for me to Evernote truly possible in my paperless workflow.