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Federal Financial Aid Conference - Orlando, FL.

Added on by Scott Cline.

I am en route to the Federal Financial Aid (FSA) in Orlando, FL today and will be there through Friday before I fly back.[1] I am managing to spend two weeks in Florida in the course of two months. It should be an interesting conference with a few less surprises this year then last year in Las Vegas. It probably just means that changes in federal financial aid policy will just happen later this year or early 2013.

If you will be there and want to meet for coffee or drinks, send me a message on twitter @scottcline or if you are more bleeding edge @scottcline. You can also drop me an email.

  1. Literatlly at 37,000 feet and going at 633 miles per hour. Currently, over Mississippi about to leave land and cross over the Golf of Mexico.  ↩