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Random Notes, Links and Catch Up

Added on by Scott Cline.

The school year is in full swing and the puppy is now 11 weeks old with her second round of shots, so a few notes, links and catch up items.

  1. As most are very much aware, feedburner is dead or at least on its last legs. I swtiched the RSS Feed back to a direct link from feedburner. Feedburner still appears to be pushing the RSS feed at this point, but at some point, it will die and no longer work, so I would suggest switching over to the direct link. Point your RSS catcher of choice to the new link
  2. I signed up for during its initial funding process and was slightly surprised when it met its funding deadline. They rolled out an alpha during the funding stage and more recently dropped the price from $50 to $36 a year (not a big difference). I found though that even as an early adoptor, I still was not using it compared to Twitter until TapBots came out with NetBot. Think TweetBot for Actually, it looks eactly the same, excpet the color of the app icon. I have found myself using since it is now much easier to post from an iPhone or iPad and it easily allows you to find the poeple you follow on Twitter on If you are on you can follow me at @scottcline.
  3. David Sparks and Brett Terpstra released the second book in the MacSparky Field Guide series 60 Mountain Lion Tips. The book is full of Mac nerdiness for making your workflows and processes faster and more efficient. My favorites are copy an email address without the extra [junk] and print to PDF with keyboard shortcuts. I use both of these many times a day, every day. Well worth the 6.99 in the iTunes Bookstore.

OK, those were some odds and ends that needed catching up on over the past two weeks.