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Headed to College Board Western Regional Forum

Added on by Scott Cline.

I am headed out tomorrow to San Diego for the College Board Western Regional Forum. I will be presenting a session Friday afternoon on how the institutional financial aid process impacts student enrollment. The session is built on my doctoral dissertation work in the area of community colleges in California and expanded to apply to four-year public and private institutions as well. The session should be very interactive and I am looking forward to presenting.

If you will be in San Diego for the Forum and want to meet up, feel free to drop my a line on Twitter @scottcline or email.

Back to Work - What to do on a five hour flight

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Merlin Mann has been tearing it up about Getting Things Done over at his Back to Work podcast on the 5by5 Network. Around an hour and five minutes in he talks about the joy of a modern five hour flight is that you can still have five hours of uninterrupted thinking time.

I have been trying to put that into words for a while now (usually when on a plane), but he does it much better in just a few minutes.

I highly recommend you take a listen to think about how to use your next five hour flight.

Thoughts on College Board's National Forum

Added on by Scott Cline.

I am currently flying back from the College Board’s National Forum in Miami, FL.[1] I was there as part of the College Board’s ELA program.

My impression of the conference (or forum) was that there is a great deal of passion, hope, and energy in the education professionals who were gathered there. The amount of talent there makes me believe that change is possible even in the face of all of the barriers, all the way through the education pipeline. From pre-K through the highest levels of graduate education there are people working to make the world a better place.

It is great to spend a few days with people who are willing to go base-jumping to make education better for all students. I met many people who are willing to think big, execute and risk everything for students. We need more people like this who are ready to go base-jumping.

It will be very interesting to see where the College Board moves under the new leadership of David Coleman in order to support these people and the education of today’s and the future’s students.

  1. Since Hurricane Sandy did not hit Miami, I guess I can only really say that it was rather windy and rainy while I was in Miami, but not that I experienced an actual hurricane?  ↩

College Board National Forum - October 24-26 - Miami, FL

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As part of the College Board’s Enrollment Leadership Academy I am headed to Miami, FL in two weeks for the College Board’s National Forum.[1] The sessions and presentations are looking really good and I am looking forward to meeting/speaking with a bunch of people in higher education and K–12 from around the country.

If you will be there and want to meet for coffee or drinks, send me a message on twitter @scottcline or if you are more bleeding edge @scottcline.

  1. Call me strange, but one of my favorite parts of traveling from coast-to-coast for conferences is the five hour flight of uninurrpted time to get work done without phone calls (even though more and more I still have internet access). It is great for getting large sections of writing done. It might have been cheaper and more efficent to book more cross-country flights while writing my dissertation then paying for coffee at a coffee shop.  ↩